Who Benefits From Physical Therapy?

Many people wonder if they are a candidate for physical therapy, or if physical therapy can help their ailment. For physical therapists. However, this is an easy question to answer: Most people can benefit from Physical Therapy, weather their condition varies from simple ankle sprain to a complex neurological disorder.

Physical Therapy Dana Davis describes Physical Therapy as a conservative treatment method addressing the management, healing, and prevention of injuries and disabilities. I believe this to be very true. Physical Therapy uses non-invasive and non medical tools to help improve total body function. Physical Therapists focus on relieving pain, promotion healing, restoring function and movement, and facilitation and adaptation associated with injury. Therapy also focuses on ergonomics or body mechanic training, fitness, and wellness. So, as you can see, physical therapy can play a role in most people’s lives.

A list of some of the most common reasons to seek Physical Therapy includes:

– Sport related injuries
– Work-related injuries such as repetitive motion injuries, slip and fall accidents and other trauma
– Neck pain and low back pain
– Arthritis in one multiple joints
– Fractures and other orthopedic conditions
– Problems with balance or mobility
– Chronic fatigue and weakness
– Pre and post surgical conditioning
– Cancer recovery
– Fitness and wellness education including weight loss and prevention of osteoporosis
– Respiratory problems/poor cardiovascular endurance
– Knee, ankle and foot problems
– Shoulder, arm hand and wrist problems, such a carpal tunnel syndrome and shoulder tendonitis
– Pre and post partum programs
– Neuro-rehabilitation, such as post-stroke and spinal cord or head injury
– Wound care such as diabetic wounds and non-healing traumatic or post-surgical would
– Common sprains and muscle strains

If you are still confused weather you need physical therapy or not, discuss your options with your physician. They will be able to guide you in the right direction.

How much exercise should I do a week?

According to the recommendations of the heart Association, it is recommended that individuals perform 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise 3-4 times a week. This includes an adequate warm up and then at least 20 minutes of working and a sustained elevated heart rate, followed by a cool down and some gentle stretches. This provides your heart which is like any other muscle in your body the workout needs to stay healthy and strong.

An easy form of cardiovascular fitness is walking, but for some with lower body injuries and concerns it may be difficult to initially begin  a walking program. This is where a physical therapist can assist you. A physical therapist will be able to determine if a walking program is appropriate or if you need to first consider a biking or water walking program. They will also be able to identify flexibility and strength deficits which may be hindering your walking program.

How can Physical Therapy help me?

In this age of increased focus on wellness and prevention programs, physical therapists are a vital component to the safe development of an appropriate exercise regimen. A physical therapist performs a complete evaluation of your medical and health history including flexibility and strength testing. They assimilate this information into an exercise program customized to your individuals with cretin spinal injuries’ need to avoid poses such as cobra pose or do it with modifications.

If you have any questions or concerns about starting an exercise program speak to your  physician about getting the assistance of a physical therapist in your program development.